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Emma Riding

I have had a number of treatments with Teresa at Absolute Beauty and Nails in recent months. including basic foot treatment, Thai foot massage and just this weekend the Indian head massage. Wow came out of the massage feeling like Mr Soft (if you remember him) and was so chilled out. Highly recommended xx

                     INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE

Duration 30 minutes - Cost £25.00

Indian head massage (or "Champi" in Hindi) is a practice that originated over a thousand years ago in India, where it stemmed from a tradition of family grooming. Indian mothers used to massage their daughters' hair with different oils to encourage long, lustrous locks.

Narendra Metha, a blind man who grew up in an Indian community where Champi was an important part of life, was the first person to develop and formalise Indian head massage into an actual therapy.

Today, one of the most popular forms of head massage is Champissage – a trademarked sequence of massage movements.

Metha arrived in England in the 1970s where he trained as a physiotherapist. In 1978 he returned to India where he studied the benefits and practice of Champi. Metha soon included the neck, shoulders and face in the massage and employed modern knowledge of shiatsu and acupressure to relax tense areas, rebalance the energy and clear any areas of concentrated negativity.


The benefits of Indian Head Massage

  • increases oxygen and glucose supply to the brain;
  • fibrous adhesions (knots) can be broken down;
  • improves circulation of cerebrospinal fluid;
  • dissipates accumulated toxins in the head;
  • increases the brain's energy level;
  • helps reduce hair loss, premature balding and greying;
  • provides relief from disorders such as earache, eye strain, tinnitus, aching jaws, sinusitis, headache and migraine
  • growth and lustre of hair is improved;
  • provides a sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity
  • releases anxiety

What to expect

You should wear loose-fitting clothing, so that you don't feel restricted or uncomfortable. It's a good idea not to have too many layers. For an Indian head massage, the masseur is liable to want to massage your neck and shoulders, so a polo neck is a bad idea, as is complicated or tight-fitting underwear.

Indian head massage is kind to hair; it is not kind to hair-dos. Remove any hair bands, clips or slides before you go in.

Bear in mind as well that as you may have oils rubbed into your scalp (optional) - you might want to take a cap, "Alice" or other hair band with you to make yourself look respectable on your way home, or back at work.