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Nurse Mobile Foot Clinic

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Susie Sukes - Stockport

My Mother In Law has dementia and finds it difficult to come out of the house. I have found a fab Foot lady who comes to the house with all the kit she was brilliant and she was great with Mum who normally is very difficult. Covers Disley as well as many other areas ideal and very reasonable thank you Teresa.



*Discount rates given for group visits - Contact us for details*

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First foot treatment with Foot Health check £28.00

Your first visit will include a Foot Health check. A full medical history will be taken followed by a thorough assessment of your feet. A treatment plan will then be discussed, any questions answered, a plan agreed and then undertaken.

This can include toe nail cutting & filing and the treatment of common foot problems: reduction of callus and hard skin, corn removal, thickened nail reduction, painful or ingrown toenail treatment, treatments to skin infections and verrucae. We will spend up to 60 minutes treating your feet to get them back to their healthy best they can be.

Advice will be given on maintaining your foot care between appointments (see advice on this website) and a soothing foot massage will complete the treatment.

​Additions to Foot Treatments.......

Finger nail cutting service also available in conjunction with a Foot Treatment £5.00

​Thai foot massage - 20 minutes at end of treatments £15.00


Routine follow up foot treatment – 30 to 45 minutes – £28.00

Routine foot and nail care maintenance following the treatment plan and ending with a relaxing foot massage. A routine appointment is recommended every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain your foot health.

Verrucae follow up treatment – 20 to 30 minutes – £20.00

Follow up verrucae treatments are separate to the routine foot health treatments and only the verruca will be treated during the appointment. Although you will have been using a prescribed verruca treatment at home, follow up appointments will be needed to check the progress. There is no set period of time that can be guaranteed in order to resolve a verrucae.

Medical Pedicure - 60 to 90 minutes - £50.00

A full assessment on the condition of the feet skin and toenails Extensive water-less cleaning sanding buffing and shaping of the nails to remove dead cells. Removal of dead skin and buffing of feet Removal of corns and ingrown toenails. Smoothing of callus and dry cracked skin on heels Restoration of natural toenail colour if required. A relaxing foot massage and application of the clients own nail varnish if requested although we do advise natural is best! There is no set period of time, however, depending on need and requirements it is advised at least every 3 months for this treatment to maintain your healthy, happy feet

Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatment -  approx. 45 minutes - Consultation £70 plus £10 per infected nail

​Treatment involves drilling holes in nail plate and injecting anti-fungal medicament into nail plate. Follow up 6 weekly.

Thai Foot Massage - 45 minutes - £30.00

​The massage starts with some deep breathing and then continues with firm pressure to all parts of the lower legs and feet.